50 years of Tocal College - a celebration in photos

27-50yearsThe celebration of 50 years of an institution's history is important. An institution like Tocal College is all about people and being an organisation which has specialised in vocational education for adolescents, it has great meaning for those who have passed through it and those who have worked at it.

Photographs can tell much more than words and as you go through this publication you will gain some idea as to how special Tocal College has been to so many people. Tocal has a real sense of place engendered through a landscape of great beauty, a lovely river, its own creek valley and rolling hills, river flats, and timbered gorges.

This book gives a small window into what has occurrred on the Tocal property for the past 50 years.

74 pages with extensive photos that tell the story.


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